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Washington State Parks

Washington State

Washington state is located in the northwest corner of the United States and borders Canada. It is a land of breathtaking beauty and stunningly diverse landscapes. There is everything from snow-capped mountain peaks to rocky coastlines to miles and miles of forest greenery. Moreover, Washington has some of the most magnificent and mouth-dropping national parks in all of the United States. Washington offers a unique travel experience for every type of wanderer. So, if you are looking to explore the majesty that Washington state has to offer, do it with ease and comfort by booking a bus with Motor Coach West.

Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park

Starting off in the eastern part of the state is Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park, where you will discover the bones of a mighty waterfall that once rivaled Niagara Falls and a desert biome that is full of wildlife. Before it dried up, the Sun Lakes Falls used to be a mile-wide 300-foot tall waterfall that carved the landscape during the ice age. Although Washington is famous for Seattle’s rainy days, you’d be surprised to find an arid landscape in this state park. The wildlife in this region are cottontails, marmots, and a variety of birds that make this area their home. There are also many different hiking trails along this state park where adventurers can explore the unique geological formations formed by the great falls. Make a family trip out of your visit by camping under the stars at one of the many campsites the park offers. It does not matter what brings you there, but it matters how you get there, so book a bus with Motor Coach West to arrive in comfort and luxury.

Cape Disappointment State Park

Despite the name, there is nothing disappointing about Cape Disappointment State Park. This 2,023-acre park stretches along the Long Beach Peninsula and is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River. The park offers travelers one-of-a-kind views of beaches, rugged shorelines, and the powerful force of the ocean. Additionally, in the park are two historic lighthouses: The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and North Head Lighthouse. If the Cape Disappointment lighthouse is open, you can climb it and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding areas. The lighthouse also has exhibits where you can learn about the history and how these lighthouses contributed to seafarers. You can also explore Fort Columbia which was a former U.S. military artillery base. If you want more of a nature vibe, you can take your pick of enjoying the beach, having a woodland picnic, or hiking the trails that weave through this beautiful state park.

Daroga State Park

Located on the banks of the Columbia River is Daroga State Park and spanning 127 acres, this scenic park offers beautiful riverside views of the Columbia River and the surrounding landscape. There are tons of recreational activities you can do here such as hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. The park is great for family activities with a variety of playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, and baseball fields. The history of this park starts with an orchard shared by the Auvil brothers: David, Robert, and Grady (DA-RO-GA). Daroga promises every adventurer their choice of a variety of activities, it is a great spot to explore and hang out with friends and family. This is truly one of the best-hidden gems in Washington.

Columbia Hills State Park

Columbia Hills State Park is the one for breathtaking and panoramic views of the gorgeous Washington landscape. The park offers stunning views of cliffs, lakes, and hills (of course). Located just east of Portland, this park beckons to all outdoor enthusiasts and explorers alike. Encompassing over 3,300 acres of rolling hills and dramatic cliffs, the park offers visitors unique hiking trails and superb campsites. The park is famous for its rock climbing so consider picking up a new hobby while you’re there; just make sure you know the proper safety precautions and have adequate gear. At night, the park boasts some of the best views of the starry night sky and offers a relaxing and unforgettable experience. Springtime is the best time to visit this park as the rolling hills come alive with wildflower blooms and migrating birds. Be sure to check it out!

Curlew Lake State Park 

Another lakeside park, Curlew Lake State Park caters to a variety of outdoor activities for anyone and everyone. Reconnect with nature by camping under the stars in this 87-acre park nestled along a charming lake. This park is a haven for fishing aficionados, so make sure to get your fishing pole and stock up on bait because you can find rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and tiger muskies all in the lake. If you’re more of a hiker then do not worry because there are a variety of trails that span over the park for you to explore. With a beautiful lake setting, an abundance of recreational activities, and unforgettable views, Curlew Lake State Park should definitely be on your Washington bucket list.

Conconully State Park

Last but not least is Conconully State Park. Located in Okanogan County, this 97-acre park, like the rest, offers hiking, views, and great camping. The park was established in 1910 and was one of the first state parks in Washington. It was created in tandem with the finishing of the Conconully Dam, one of the earliest irrigation projects in Washington state. Not only does this park have hiking trails and campsites, it is also a paradise for water recreation. The Conconully Reservoir calls for water enthusiasts to explore its pristine waters. Swim, kayak, paddleboard, or even fish, this park has it all. Moreover, the Conconully Reservoir offers an extremely safe swimming environment for children, making it ideal for families. Explore all the wonders of this majestic park when you visit Washington.

Washington With Motor Coach West

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