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South California Wedding Transportation: A Perfect Union

It’s the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that everyone dreams of, a union, where you will hopefully be making a hasty decision for your future. Grab something borrowed and something new because we’re talking weddings and nothing says for shame on a wedding like bad weather. If there’s one place that we know the weather is porridge for Goldilocks and the Three Bears just right, it’s south California. SoCal has many great big cities to choose from for you and your wedding party to stay and have some fun during the visit to California, but we know this is a special time for you and your partner which means we’re going the distance, for your wedding venue that is. No one wants to be stuffed up in the chaos of a city with the same old venues everyone else in town is using. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the two most popular cities in SoCal. Because just like before you met your main squeeze we want you to have options before settling down.

The Best Wedding Venues in Southern California

SoCal Weddings: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is for the starlit bride, show up and show out like you’re the star of a classic Hollywood film. Known for its beaches and stars Los Angeles will have you feeling like you’re walking down a red carpet.

The 1909

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains of Topanga Canyon, 1909 is Hollywood meets wildergirl. There, the structure is enmeshed with the elements of the outside. Its stunning atmosphere includes oak trees and warm dangling lights, creating the perfect picturesque moments from every angle.

Within the property, there are 11 separate areas to choose from. The Ceremony Deck is where all the fresh air and union happens. The Dance Hall is elegant and cottage-like, made for dancing but also perfect for admiring the newly wedded. The Meadow area is deep-wildergirl, taking the love of mother nature to the level of a fairy meadow princess. The Meadow Area includes a 24-foot buffet table which can only be described as what is seen in Disney movies that replicate feasts for royalty. There’s also a first-floor lounge, a first-floor patio, an upper deck, and a middle deck for endless views. During those moments of sheer thirst, there’s the beloved Cocktail Hour Bridge. Most importantly there is a place where the bride can get all the glam needed to make their day as special as possible in the bridal suite.

The London West Hollywood

This spot is for the posh Hollywood starlet. At London West Hollywood, you will be immersed in pastel and floral dreams, in this English-style venue with an urban flare. Choose between the Garden, Ballroom, Rooftop, or Penthouse. Don’t stress about the details with one of the London West Hollywood’s wedding packages. Pick between The London Package, The Crown, or The Royal, and then dedicate your time to enjoyment. Choose this as your wedding venue and experience a wedding made for the Beckhams.

The Padua Hills Theatre

How would you like to be the star of your show? At The Padua Hills Theatre, it’s giving main character energy. This theatre was the longest-running theater featuring Mexican-theme musicals in the United States and now offers up its stage for the theatrics of romance, aka weddings. This classic theatre venue has a lot of different scenes to choose from for your up-and-coming performance as a wedded princess, starting with the bridal suite, where you’re transformed into the stage queen. The Ballroom has the classic curtained stage for the most important act of your life. The Plaza Courtyard + Gazebo has charming brick and stone paths along with fresh air and glowing trees. The Sunset-View Terrace paves the way for an evening with a view, and The Olive Grove is the secret garden of escape for sneaking in hidden romantic kisses reserved for you and your partner. Don’t think we forgot about the lounge and cocktail Bar area where intimate conversations between guests and decadent cocktails begin.

With a venue like The Padua Hills Theatre, other places might be a tough act to follow for you and your southern California wedding transportation crew.

SoCal Weddings: San Diego

San Diego is for the beachy bride who wants to spend her time playing in the sandy ocean before getting dolled up and heading outland for her special moment. Where to go for the sunkissed goddess?

Rancho Valencia

Rated five stars by Forbes Magazine, this spot is like a scene out of the Kill Bill movie, minus literally the entire plot. If you’ve ever watched the Kill Bill film and thought boy, I’d like to be in that location but wouldn’t want to deal with all the added chaos, this is your chance!  The Mediterranean-inspired property Rancho Valencia has Spanish tile roofs and orange hue walls that contrast the greenery surrounding it. The venue doubles as a spa which means it’s the perfect venue for tranquil nuptials. Rancho Valencia comes with glowing lantern list pathways, a concierge team, stunning views, and decadent food. This immaculate wedding is suited for both large and intimate weddings. Make like kill Bill and wiggle that big toe right into your perfect wedding venue.

The Condor’s Nest Ranch

One word: views. That’s what the Condor’s Nest Ranch is serving with a venue towering directly above a valley that stretches across the Pacific Ocean. You can expect an old-western atmosphere with adobe and wood finishes. Choose between the Condor’s Nest Ranch packages to take the edge off from planning stress and enjoy a day catered to you and that special someone.

Now that we’ve got the hardest part of the wedding process taken care of it might be tough to think of how to move you and your South California wedding crew from a major city to a gorgeous venue that’s where we go in, call us cupids transportation because we’re here to keep the romance alive with the ease of our luxury vehicles. Chartering a bus for your south California wedding transportation needs is the best way to go, and we got you here at Motor Coach West. You can request a quote here.



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