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South California Charter Buses: Conference Planning

This place has had a grizzly bear as its mascot since 1953 and is home to one of the most popular parks in the nation.  If that doesn’t give an idea of the place we’re about to reveal, we’ll just go right ahead and say it’s South California, a state so big it makes sense you would plan a conference there. As with most good things a state so big might also have some drawbacks providing too many options to choose from. If you’re scratching your head wondering where to put your conference, fear not! We have just the list for you. Treat the conference goers to some offsite trips with our South California charter buses.

downtown los angeles skyline

South California Conference Guide: Where to Host & What to Do

Automobile Driving Museum

Are there any grown-ups who had classic car models as a kid in the crowd? If not, we’re certain this place will bring a little childlike joy to your day anyway. At the Automobile Driving Museum, you get over 130 antique, vintage, and model cars to look at. So, you can stare at a few nice cars you’ll probably never own. What else does this venue have? A vintage feel and access to an eight-foot square stage.  Go to the automobile driving museum where you and your conference group can get fast and furious with it. This spot is ideal for hosting a small conference or as a South California charter bus stop.

dashboard of a vintage car in red

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

Take your conference to a place with the essence of summer camp. UCLA Lake Arrowhead is perfect for your group for many reasons, but the big one is its history. What began as a place for the rich and famous in the 1920s turned into a conference center in the 80s, where they built three big rooms dedicated to fun and corporate gatherings. This conference center provides packages that provide and organize the essentials like food and even a place for your conference goers to sleep. What’s more, this location is in beautiful Lake Tahoe and has plenty of on-site activities for when you and the crew need a bit of relaxation from the meetings, and your South California charter bus will be waiting for you in case you want to plan some offsite activities as well.

E2 Art Gallery

This next location has a bit more of a modern flair and is for people who love an artistic vibe. The E2 Art Gallery involves three galleries to choose from along with a guest lounge. The venue is described as a large industrial room. We all know conferences and slideshows go hand and hand, that’s why this gallery recommends renting their digital projector. If there’s a projector, you can bet your bottom dollar you are going to need some sound, which is why E2 provides a surround sound high-fidelity audio system. If your conference is looking for exclusivity, the E2 Art Gallery has a security camera system and a gate. #NoGateKeeping though, this is a place everyone should know about! Last but not least there’s a mini fridge for your beverages and full refrigerator access upon request.

portable beamer projector

Los Angeles Athletic Club Hotel

The Los Angeles Athletic Club Hotel is a classic that has stood the test of time through the decades of Los Angeles and aside from maintaining its mission for, “lifelong pursuit of health-giving amusement,” the Los Angeles Athletic Club Hotel has held some of the most magnificent events in history, and you and your conference could be the next part of that! What can this club provide? Elegance and food, along with immaculate service; white gloves or not, this spot will make you feel like you’re in a scene out of The Great Gatsby. Whether your conference involves a dinner of ten or 700 this spot has all the amenities you need.

Heritage Museum of Orange County

This unique venue is a historic treasure, built in the 1890s, and on 12 acres of history with several buildings, groves, and gardens. Aside from this being a beautiful venue, what’s its purpose? The venue is there to preserve the heritage of Orange County. Want to enjoy a nice conference and enter a blacksmith shop? Uniquely enough, they have that too. The two original outbuildings of the Maag Farmhouse are where events are held, and the Heritage Museum package has food and beverages provided. The Heritage Museum of Orange County is a truly memorable and unique place to hold your next corporate event.

pier with moored boats on lake arrowhead

The Houdini Estate

You might already be familiar with the ever-so-famous Houdini and all his great tricks. You might think that if we told you, you could have your corporate event in his old house, that it’s an illusion, but we’re here to tell you it’s very real and just as magical as Houdini was. What can you expect when renting an event space at the Houdini estate? Let’s start with five acres of land that includes gardens, exotic plants, and a waterfall. The place is beautiful, and it even comes with peacocks and koi fish!

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