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What To Do in Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon is not known for many things aside from its addictive kettle chips, however, this city has much more to be addicted to.

This territory was originally populated by the Kalapuya Tribe and was then called Chim-i-ki-ti which means meeting or resting place.

The city of Salem was founded in 1842 and was rumored to be named by William Willson after the Arabic word salam, which means peace.

In 1861 a legislative act declared this city the capital of Oregon, and to this day is big in the agriculture industry and full of gorgeous nature.

Salem has a lot more to offer than most outsiders and their travel groups would expect.

Here’s a list of things to do in Salem Oregon

View of Salem, Oregon in the evening. 

Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

An avid gardener by the name of FX Shreiner went on a business trip and met a man named John C. Wisner who was subsequently the first president of the iris Society.

This meeting left a lasting impression on Shreiner who happened to stop and smell the roses, or in this case the irises.

He found a love for the flower that would only blossom up until his death and was even posthumous.

FX’s first garden was created in 1925 and after he passed in 1931 three of Schreiner’s children were able to carry out his passion for irises.

In time FX’s children found a better environment for the flowers in Organ.

Today the garden has been passed on through yet another generation.

The Schreiners holds as many as 100 acres of bearded irises under cultivation, and the garden itself is 10 acres of beautiful irises.

These flowers bloom in May, be sure to visit then!

many people are shopping at an outdoor market

Saunter around Salem Community Markets

Salem Community Market is one of the biggest in Oregon.

This market has been around for 25 years and showcases homemade, handcrafted, and homegrown items.

Not only is it a beautiful view but you can find products like plants, meat/dairy, and craftsman food.

This is the perfect way to shop and be outdoors all at once.

The market’s location varies by day, so make sure to check out their website for locations.

Get crafty at Create a Memory

If you enjoy creating things with your crew, you will love this.

This pottery studio has been open since 1998 and doesn’t just let you live out your inner child by being a part of the pottery making and painting, but the shop also offers glass fusion!

Get this, you don’t even have to do all the arm work you just have to choose the shape and design then the helpful staff will create it for you.

Create a Memory has open studios but can also hold a private party for you and your gang.

The shop is open six days a week so your schedule can be flexible.

No reservation is needed stop by with your Salem Oregon travel group.

Come by wherever the creativity strikes!

A young girl cuts vegetables in a kitchen

Practice your culinary skills at Lullus Tutto Cucina

We’ve all seen Top Chef, this is your moment to show the squad your culinary expertise.

No culinary skills? Not a problem, that’s what this class is for!

Lullu, the woman who is the namesake, was originally from Naples Italy.

Lullu’s love for food began with helping her mother prepare dishes and eventually turned into Lullu offering up advice on how to prepare pasta dishes.

 As a grown-up Lullu found love with a man named David who took her to New Orleans, where she studied at Tulane and over time learned about the culture and food of not only Nola but Americans in general too.

In 1973 Lullu moved to Oregon and by 2001 opened Lullus Tutto Cuina where she shares her life experiences through her love of food.

 Lullu doesn’t just have a cooking class but she runs a kitchen supply store to stop in after or before you take her class. Buy a souvenir to take back home with you, be sure to stop into the wine shop, and feel free to mosey around with a drink in hand while you shop.

Get theatrical at The Pentacle Theatre

Like all unique places, this one comes with a history.

This theatre began in 1954 in a barn on Highway 22, across from Oak Knoll Golf Course.

The original theatre consisted of just 15 people in total and the original interior was very much a make-shift space created by people who had a serious love for theatre.

What’s with the pentacle? You may ask.

 At the time the theatre was created, the pentacle was a way to ward off evil spirits.

Actors would hang the symbol in their dressing room for a similar reason, but more as a symbol of good luck. The pinnacle today is designated for the star of each show.

Present-day Pentacle Theatre was built in the 1960s and had its first production in 1963.

The Pentacle Theatre is very successful to this day, the theatre has a budget of 550,000 annually.

Make sure to check out current show listings/ times on their website.

Whatever you and your squad are in the mood for, Salem has something for it.

Take your charter bus out to Salem, Oregon, and enjoy all the wonderful things to do in Oregon’s capital! Request a quote for a charter bus today!

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