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Reno Charter Bus Group Travel: Recharge in Reno

Where’s the spot infamously known for the hilarious TV show Reno 911 and coined “The Biggest Little City?” Reno, Nevada! And it has more to offer than just casinos and funny TV police. If you’ve chosen Reno for this trip, you’ve made the perfect decision. We have just the list for a group like yours and it doesn’t involve the average bird’s casino. Best of all, we have the perfect Reno charter buses for your group.

Mountains in the background of a lit up colorful city

Must-See Places in Reno, Nevada for Large Groups

National Automobile Museum

Planes, trains, and actually, scratch that, just the automobiles at the National Automobile Museum, which is all you need with a museum this cool. We know what you’re thinking; of course, we love this place; we’re technically in the automobile industry, after all, but we promise you’ll like it too. Not only do you get to roam the place, oohing and aahing at the many classic cars, but a lot of the exhibits are references to pop culture and some of them even have cars that were owned by old movie stars. This museum has a few categories to choose from, including one titled “The Speed Exhibit,” which will make you say, “I wanna go fast,” and a few collections after Thomas Flyer, who was Buffalo’s world champion of the 1908 New York to Paris automobile race. Basically, if you were ever the kid with the Hot Wheels or the model cars, this is the dream come and see it for yourself.

Nevada Museum of Art

Call us Picasso because we love some art, and if you’re the kind of crew that wants to paint the town red with your artistry, you’ll love this one. The Nevada Museum of Art is where you can find art collections in styles from contemporary art to work ethic-altered landscapes and even of the greater West. That’s not all the museum has to offer; there are exhibits too, and fun, wacky-style ones like “Ghost Army: The Combat Con Artists of World War II” or the “Fallen Fruit” exhibit, which involves fun planted fruit trees. Did someone say, “But what about the environment?” Well, The Center for Art + Environment segment of the museum is in this vicinity too. Which, as the name states, is a segment for research that studies people in their environment. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy Nevada’s Museum of Art, but no matter what, you will be able to get creative while you’re there.

an empty road is surrounded by red rocks and cliffs

Rancho San Rafael National Park

Are you and your group looking for 580 acres of farmland to frolic around in? At Rancho San Rafael National Park, you not only get native pasture grasses, wetlands, and sagebrush, but you also get a gorgeous pond with an array of pavilions to choose from, and when you’re done enjoying those things, you can gaze over into the Basque Sheepherder Monument. This outdoor cowboy’s land isn’t all to see; there’s also a garden, or two, actually about three to choose from. And if all this isn’t enough to make you want to check it out, the park is home to The Wilbur D. May Museum, which holds Chinese poetry, taxidermy, old firearms, and more!

Idlewild Park

Well, since we have you here, at parks, that is, your crew shouldn’t miss out on this one – Idlewild Park. This place is more than just a park; there’s also a garden here, but not to worry, the list keeps on coming. Do you and the group need a cool body of water to dip into? They have that, there is a swimming pool here; can’t swim? The Idlewild Pool has lessons, and a few lanes to do laps in. Maybe you don’t want to get wet; there’s a trail too that’s commonly used for biking, put the group on wheels and enjoy the ride. There’s even a skate park, public art, and most important of all, Reno street food because everyone gets hungry but especially when there’s good food involved.

Fleischmann Planetarium

Are you and your Reno party people into interactive movies, particularly ones about space? Did we hear a heck yes?! That’s basically what a planetarium is, and the Fleischmann Planetarium is quite a special one. Why is that? Well, here you can find exciting immersive adventures like their “Exploring Space and Time” show or “The Living Worlds” show. It’s not all about the planetarium, though, despite its name; there are also some pretty neat exhibits, like any of their over 100 space-themed objects, including meteorites and the Interactive Gravity Well. There are even science fiction artifacts just in case you hate real life right now – trust us, we get it. This is the perfect spot for science nerds and people who have such big personalities they take up too much space – get it? Check out the venue that’s out of this world.

There you have it, A surfeit of options for groups in good old Reno that don’t involve going to a casino. Come to the place that has the feel of a city without all that chaos.

the city of Reno is lit up with signs at nighttime

Reno Charter Bus: Getting Around Reno with a Group

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