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Top Things To Do Along The Pacific Coast Highway

Planning a road trip along California 1? This strip of road is a destination in itself. While you might just be trying to get from San Diego to the Bay Area, there are so many spots along the way where you can stop for lunch, a quick walk on the beach, or even a two-night stay. And in between, you’ll enjoy one of the most epic views in the country.

 While you’re taking in the scenery, here are just a few things you should plan to do during your trip on the Pacific Coast Highway – and some tips for planning your transportation.

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 Why travel on the Pacific Coast Highway?

This drive is famous for its coastal views. For many, the Pacific Coast Highway may be just as big a draw as the larger cities themselves.

 The beautiful thing about the Pacific Coast Highway is that you’ll see the famous rocky shoreline of the California Coast, and also visit some of the most iconic cities in the U.S. You can hit San Diego, LA, San Francisco, and much more. In between, there are plenty of things to do and quirky coastal towns to explore.

 Things to do on the Pacific Coast Highway

You’ve probably already planned to visit some of the biggest tourist spots in the state. But if you’ve got a few extra days to fill, here are a few other activities and attractions along the Pacific Coast Highway that are worth a pitstop or an overnight stay.

 Stay overnight in Big Sur: a quaint beach town. It’s a hidden gem that’s quickly gaining more and more attention as it rises to the top of the “must see” lists. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful beach towns in California. If you’re looking for a chic boutique hotel or a spot to go snorkeling, Big Sur won’t disappoint.

 Tour Hearst Castle. Yes, there is a real-life castle along the Pacific Coast Highway. Book a tour, explore the grounds, and be sure to get a couple of selfies – your friends might think you were in Europe!

 Have a glass of wine in picturesque Mendocino. California is known for its vineyards, and there are a few to choose from along the Pacific Coast Highway. Mendocino is one of the most charming California cities that also offers several different wineries. After all that time on the road, you’ll be ready for a nice glass of Chardonnay.

 Take an unforgettable hike in Pacifica. You’ll need an excuse to get out and stretch your legs. Pacifica is one of the most picturesque spots to go hiking – and you can make it a short 30 minute jaunt, or spend an entire day traipsing along the coast.

 Go kayaking in Monterey. Is it really a California trip if you don’t get out on the water? Rent somee kayas and get up close and personal with the sealife in Monterey.

 Go surfing at Pismo Beach. Your California road trip will be the perfect opportunity to finally learn how to surf. If you’re feeling brave, try getting on a surfboard for a couple hours – and if not, you’ll at least get to dip your toes in the water and get some enviable pictures.

Monterey Coast in California during sunset

 Pacific Coast Highway Bus Tours & Charter Buses

You can easily spend an entire day, weekend, or even several days traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway. Make sure you take your time, plan out your trip ahead of time, and arrange for transportation.

If you want to really enjoy all of those views, take a bus tour or rent your own chartered bus. There are pre-packaged bus tours available, but you’ll have less ability to customize your trip if you’re taking a formal tour. For groups traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway, a rented charter bus is typically the preferred option. A Pacific Coast Highway charter bus allows maximum relaxation, since you’ll be able to leave the driving up to someone else.

 So for less stress and more downtime, rent a bus and a professional driver to navigate you to all of your must-see activities. Choose a charter bus company that’s reliable and has great reviews for the best experience possible.

 Group travel on the Pacific Coast Highway

If you’re traveling as a group, the Pacific Coast Highway is an ideal road trip. With all of those views, plus plenty of beach towns, wineries, restaurants, and outdoor activities to try out, there’s something for everyone.

 To enjoy more quality time with your group, rent a bus. You’ll have the convenience of having a driver, so you can fully enjoy those coastal views out the window. And if you rent your own charter bus, your group can pick and choose the stops that are most important to you.

 And it’s easy to break up the trip. There are plenty of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and AirBnb’s that cater to groups along the Pacific Coast Highway. Just pick out your top 2-3 locales to spend an evening, and reserve your rooms in advance. That way you can provide your itinerary to your rented charter bus, so you don’t have to worry about a thing once you’re on the road.

Green Motor Coach West bus against rock and cloudy sky background.

 Where to charter a bus on the Pacific Coast Highway

If you decide to charter a bus for your California adventure, be sure to use a company that has top ratings, professional drivers, and clean, reliable vehicles. Motor Coach West is one of the most well-regarded charter bus rental companies, and they’ll be happy to help you choose the right size bus for your needs.

 Make your reservation today to start planning out your adventure on the Pacific Coast Highway.


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