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Orange County Charter Bus Guide


Nestled along the Southern California coastline is Orange County. Whether you know Orange County from “The Real Housewives” or have heard about the hit high-school drama The OC, Orange County is famous for its culture, landscapes, and beautiful sunny California weather. Orange County stretches over 40 miles of California coastline and is guaranteed to have the best all-around SoCal good vibes. So, put on some sunscreen, get some shades, and have a super sunny SoCal adventure by embarking on an Orange County charter bus tour. The OC is where you want to be, and we’ve got the best spots for you and your crew to visit!

Orange County Charter Bus Stops

Orange County Charter Bus Stop 1: Sawdust Festival

This one’s for all the artists out there, and all those interested in crafts. What started as a small art show in 1965 at the Peacock lot near Coast Hwy evolved into more than just a festival, but a cultural celebration of Orange County artists. In 1968, The Funk Family leased a 3-acre eucalyptus grove to the Canyon which became a home for nomadic artists living in Laguna Beach. The art nomads set up their crafts in this grove and grew a culture that became known as, “sawdust culture”— where people came to this space to see unique art of all mediums and visit with the artists who made them. It wasn’t until 1975 that this property was purchased, and the Sawdust Festival took off from there. What can you find at this festival? All things art. From art classes to art demonstrations to dining, drinks, music, and mirth. So, join us on an Orange County charter bus tour, and don’t miss this captivating event that will bring out you and your crew’s creative side.

Orange County Charter Bus Stop 2: Mission San Juan Capistrano

While visiting Orange County on our bus tour, we take you to see where it all started. Founded more than 200 years ago as the seventh of 21 missions around the state is Mission San Juan Capistrano. This building was originally made to be a community for Spanish Padres and Native Americans to come together and teach Christianity. The mission was a center for religion but also agriculture, industry, and education. Today, it is a monument to California’s multicultural history. Aside from the fact that the building is abundant in history and incredible to look at, you can go to the museum, garden, or the many events that take place in this historical monument. There’s even a gift shop for purchases that help preserve and protect the landmark and live music on occasion. Grab your crew and explore and adore the Mission San Juan Capistrano on one of our Orange County charter bus tours!

Orange County Charter Bus Stop 3: Anaheim Packing District

Do you love packing? So much so that you want to make a trip of it? No? Well don’t fret, that has nothing to do with our next stop: Anaheim Packing District. We should probably start with what makes a packing district, it is described as a place whose beginnings involved packing and shipping citrus. Sure enough, the Anaheim Packing District used to be a packing and shipping facility for oranges, fitting for a place in Orange County. With all that said, the Anaheim Packing District has four historic landmarks and a two-acre Farmers Park, and today there still is a packing house for oranges called The Anaheim Packing House. So, what does one do here? Well, this part of Orange County has been converted into a meeting spot for foodies and food trucks with a lot of history and plenty of seating. In short, we’re taking you to get a bite to eat at one of the best spots for Orange County food adventures. You and your Orange County charter bus tour crew will thank us for delighting your tastebuds and giving you a glimpse of the SoCal food scene.

Orange County Charter Bus Stop 4: Sugar ‘N Spice | Balboa Island

While we’ve got you here in the mood for food, let’s check out the spot where an Orange County classic dessert began: The original frozen banana. Sugar ‘N Spice is a spot to get a sweet treat that was created in 1945 by Bob & Dorothy Cook, who originally opened Dot & Bob Candies and brought the frozen banana into the SoCal spotlight. You may wonder how they came up with the whole banana thing and the story short and sweet. Dot asked their son, who was 11 at the time, to put a few bananas in the refrigerator, and as children do, her son mistakenly placed them in the freezer. When they realized this a few days later, Bob thought instead of tossing them, he’d take a chance at dipping them in some fudge, and sure enough, the flavor was delicious bliss. This subsequently led to what they called the Balboa Bar, which is ice cream dipped in a chocolate shell with sprinkles or nuts. Is your mouth watering yet? Wait until we give you an idea of what’s on their menu. Sugar ‘n Spice has items like frozen cheesecake on a stick, tiramisu on a stick, an ice cream cookie sandwich, and of course, frozen bananas with a variety of toppings. If this place doesn’t cure all your problems, we don’t know what will—head on over to Sugar ‘N Spice with your Orange County charter bus tour for a sweet treat.

Orange County Charter Bus Stop 5: The Lab | Costa Mesa

Known in long form as the Little American Business, the lab began in 1993 as a space to spice up the Orange County economy as a shopping center with a curated outdoor space and tons of local vendors selling merchandise from clothing to jewelry to little trinkets for your grandma. Today, the lab is the center for SoCal artists and celebrates South Bristol Entertainment, Culture & Art . What can you and your crew find here? A plethora of small businesses ranging from clothing to art, food, drinks, and so much more. The lab also holds events and workshops and is an all-around good time for all your needs.

Orange County Charter Bus: Getting Around The OC

Our Orange County charter bus tour trips are supposed to be fun, easy, and accessible, which is why while you are visiting Orange County, we want you to utilize our Orange County charter bus service. Not only do we ensure comfort and convenience but we’re also easy to work with. We make exploring new cities easy so our travelers can fully immerse themselves in each destination without the hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads or dealing with parking woes. Put Google away and stop stressing. Let us be your trusted companion on this unforgettable journey through the OC on one of our Orange County charter bus tours. You can request a quote here.






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