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Oakland Charter Bus: Visit Oakland, CA

In Northern California, nestled between green rolling hills, is Oakland, California. Oakland is a historic city in NorCal that has a rich history and culture. As the largest city in the East Bay region, Oakland came to power mainly from its use as a major West Coast port, with the Port of Oakland being historically renowned for its commerce and trade. Found in 1852, Oakland was a hot spot during the California Gold Rush, and people have been living there ever since. Oakland now serves as an epicenter of culture and diversity in the Bay Area and boasts a population of roughly 430,000 people. Oakland is a thriving urban landscape with natural and manmade beauty. Despite being adjacent to the famous San Francisco, Oakland does good at holding its own with its lively culture and tight-knit communities. If you are embarking on an Oakland charter bus tour, then we’ve got the best spots to visit to make sure you make the most out of your time in NorCal.

Three of The Most Unique Oakland Charter Bus Stops

Oakland Charter Bus Stop #1: Homeroom

Go back in time to your school days and enjoy this special restaurant for your lunch period. The Homeroom is a school themed restaurant that gives you the comfort of childhood fun. Founded by Erin Wade, as former attorney turned mac and cheese expert. Erin decided to ditch the life of litigation and followed her true passion: Mac and Cheese! Erin was inspired to create Homeroom when she was craving a delicious bowl of mac and cheese after a long day of work. Her cravings were so intense that she decided to create a restaurant that specialized in mac and cheese. Now, Homeroom is a restaurant in Oakland dedicated to serving and perfecting her favorite comfort food. Since opening its doors on Valentine’s Day in 2011, Homeroom has captured the hearts of Bay Area locals and visitors. Homeroom offers a unique dining experience made with love and creativity that will leave you with a feeling of nostalgia. So, take your Oakland charter bus group to enjoy the delectable food at Homeroom with dishes like goat mac and cheese and crab mac and cheese along with countless other options. Trust us, you won’t regret making the trip.

Oakland Charter Bus Stop #2: USS Potomac

We hope you have your sea legs because this next spot may make you a little seasick. Just kidding, but your next stop on your Oakland charter bus is no other than the USS Potomac. Originally built in 1934 as the Coast Guard Cutter Electra, the USS Potomac was a Navy vessel that eventually turned into President FDR’s presidential yacht. Roosevelt enjoyed a nice escape from the confines of the White House and frequently cruised aboard the USS Potomac during summers. The USS Potomac was certainly no luxury yacht though, President Roosevelt constantly held strategy sessions during the tense years of the famous World Wars. Between drafting war strategies, President Roosevelt did have some fun going fishing and playing poker on his presidential yacht. One fun fact is Roosevelt’s historically famous radio broadcast on March 19, 1941, in which he declared the Lend-Lease bill to aid in Great Britain and China’s war efforts during WWII. Another significant event that happened on this historic vessel is Roosevelt’s clandestine rendezvous with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to forge the principles of the Atlantic Charter. Despite its decline in use after Roosevelt’s era, the USS Potomac has been carefully restored and now stands as a National Historic Landmark, offering dockside tours and cruises and serving as a living tribute to the transformative period of FDR’s presidency. Experience a piece of history, support preservation efforts, and embark on a journey through time aboard Franklin Roosevelt’s Floating White House with your Oakland charter bus.

Charter Bus Stop #3: Chabot Space & Science Center

The last stop on our list is the Chabot Space and Science Center. At this science hub, you and your Oakland charter bus crew will learn all things space. At this space center, you will embark on a cosmic voyage where you learn about the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics it takes for space travel. Located in the heart of Oakland, the Chabot Space and Science Center is a nonprofit wonderland of space that is both fun and educational with their mission being to “to ignite curiosity and educate Earthlings of all ages about the marvels of the Universe and our blue planet”. Most would say this place has an entire solar system worth of immersive exhibits, hands-on STEM activities, and mind-bending planetarium shows. Chabot prides itself on making science and space accessible to everyone. Some of the great exhibits at this space center include the NASA Ames Visitor Center, showcasing cutting-edge research and space missions and a research-level observatory complex, featuring the largest free-to-view telescope array in the Western United States. Plus, this place is right in the middle of the gorgeous Redwood Regional Park and offers up to 13 acres to wander through forested trails. Go and visit a place filled with unforgettable space discoveries, where curiosity is nourished, and the universe awaits!

Oakland Charter Bus: Getting Around

When it comes to travel, choosing Motor Coach West for your charter bus needs in Oakland, California, is a decision that allows you to explore with ease, comfort, and affordability. With our commitment to safety, reliability, and comfort, we ensure that every mile of your Oakland charter bus adventure is filled with peace of mind and relaxation. Our sleek and comfortable buses and professional drivers guarantee a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for your group. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Oakland or venturing beyond to discover the wonders of California, Motorcoach West is your trusted partner in transportation. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the logistics while you focus on creating lasting memories with your group. You can request a quote here.





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