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California Dreaming, With A Northern Flair

 Movie stars, sensational weather, troves of attractive people! This is the imagery that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about California. Popular places to visit in northern California are typically Los Angeles or Sacramento, but the lesser-known northern areas have a lot to offer as well. We’re here to give northern California that Hollywood star it deserves and put its hemisphere on the map for you and your group on your next northern California travel adventure.

Cities In Northern California
That Are A Travel Must

Fresno, CA

Fresno is known for its innumerable amount of dining spots, underground attractions, and its incredibly creative community. Fresno’s most famous tourist spot might remind you of your favorite (or least favorite) childhood snack, “the raisin”. That’s right, Fresno is home to The Sun-Maid Market. This fruit company helped parents trick their kiddos into eating dried fruit without the messy juice that typically comes with a child tearing into one after clawing at a pile of dirt, creating the perfect dirt paste. Dried fruit makes the whole mess avoidable, which makes Maid Market revolutionary. Fresno has more to offer than dried fruit of course. The North California city is packed with parks and entertainment venues for all ages. In a list of counties, Fresno needs to be on it if you enjoy agriculture and well, all kinds of culture. Grab the family and stock up on all the fruit imaginable.

The Golden Gate Bridge on a cloudy day

San Francisco, CA

 The area of San Francisco is a pretty obvious place to stop in if you’re in northern California, but most people don’t know why, other than it’s one of the most popular cities. Maybe you’ve heard of the Golden Gate Bridge which once had the world’s longest bridge span in 1937, or Alcatraz the infamous military prison, but have you heard of the Sutro Baths? These majestic baths were similar to those in ancient Greece and although built not as long ago they still existed back in “the olden times” of 1894. The Sutro Baths were designed by Aldolph Sutro who wanted healthy affordable swimming for the public. The baths included slides, trapezes, and even a high dive. The entire public pool was covered with a glass enclosure that, unfortunately, today, no longer exists. The Sutro Baths stopped being used as a pool in 1966 and burned down that same year. Today you can see the massive structure that looks like Californian ruins. Head to San Francisco and enjoy all its wonders.

 Amador County

 Amador County has a lot to offer you explorers and nature goers out there. Aside from the dreamy weather and landscape, this town is home to The Black Chasm Caves and the Indian Grinding Rock. If we’re getting into things that make these places unique we should start with the Black Chasm Cave. Caves in general are a mysterious creation and always a good time but a little unknown fact about this particular cave is that it contains helictites. You may ask yourself, what are those and why are they so unique? Helictites are a structure in caves that change their axis from vertical at a certain stage during growth and they are truly unique because only 5% of the world’s caves have them. As mentioned Amador County is also home to The Indian Grinding Rock, this spot is named pretty literally. The Grinding Rock is made of marbleized limestone with 1185 motor holes, which is the largest collection of bedrock motors in North America. The Miwok used the rock to grind acorns for thousands of years hence its name. If you want to experience something fun with a great deal of landmarks, this county is for you.

fog fills up yosemite national park in California

Redcrest, CA

 Redcrest is another spot for outdoor enthusiasts, with an incredible amount of parks and gorgeous nature. Of all the outside things to see in Redcrest, CA the most notable is the Eternal Treehouse. As children, you might have played in the woods and when you were young imagination can turn any tree into your new home. Fast forward to adulthood and you can see a childhood dream come true. The eternal tree house was made inside of a real tree in the bottom of a Redwood stump that is 2500 years old and ready to party! Or at the very least be visited. The stump-turned treehouse was created by Harry McLeod in the early 1900s. Redcrest offers more than just its treehouse and runs off California dreams. Play out Lord of The Rings for the day or just catch up on a little fresh air.

 This humble town in California was created in 1919 and took until 1965 to get its own post office. With all of this history, some may say the town has quite the roots, and you have no idea…. Redcrest lodges harbor The Immortal Tree, the name sounds supernatural but the reasons for it might strike you..or the tree for that matter. The tree was given its name because it has been struck by not only lightning but forest fires, flooding, and even an ax. The Immortal Tree has more perseverance than most athletes and can be at your very fingertips if you take the trip to Redcrest. Head to theitty bitty city to see what an eternity can look like.

Waves roll onto the shore at Big Sur National Park, California

Crescent City

 Crescent City is homage to tribal lands and shipwrecks but that’s not all! This city was a gold mine town. If these things aren’t enticing enough to visit the town of Crescent City, maybe The Battery Point Light will sway you. This whimsical 19th-century museum is inside of a lighthouse, which is only available for viewers during low tide so you’d better check it out quickly! Out of just about anything else listed here, this next area is one for you superstitious folk or the people who love downright 1960s folklore, we’re talking Bigfoot alley, yes the giant hairy man-like creature may or may not exist here and there’s a dedicated ally for it. Go straight for gold or go for the stories untold, you’ll thank us later.

Getting Around When Traveling
Through North California

With all this talk of travel, you may wonder what’s the best way to get around? With a chartered bus, you can say goodbye to traffic jams and parking nightmares and hello to restful rides and comfy chairs. It’s a road trip made easy. From vibrant cities to breathtaking nature, California’s got it all. So, why stress when you can sit back, relax, and let the wheels take you on a whimsical adventure through the Golden State?

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