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What To Do in Los Angeles

Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is named the city of angels, and maybe you’re bringing a few of your own for an excursion.

If this is the destination you and your crew have chosen it is undoubtedly the right one.

Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons why….

LA is known for its Hollywood stars, stunning beaches, and film industries. If this isn’t enough to make you starry-eyed with intrigue, let’s talk weather.

The average temperatures in the city of Los Angeles reach about 80 degrees at its highest and 48 at its lowest temperature, giving it a moderate climate all year round. A place that’s never too hot or too cold truly sounds like heaven.

LA is definitely iconic for its tourist destinations to choose from. Disneyland is a classic there’s also, the Los Angeles Zoo, and Universal Studios.

Aside from your run-of-the-mill destinations, there is plenty to do with you and your group. So, if you’re worried about getting bored, don’t be.

Here are the top 5 stops for Los Angeles travel groups

Get in your belly laughs at The Comedy Store

Nothing brings a Los Angeles travel group together like a room full of laughter. This comedy club is one of the oldest in the country. The club itself may be aged but its comedy shows most certainly are not.

The Comedy Store was opened in 1972 by the comedian Sammie Shore.

The space was meant to mainly be a spot for Sammie to perform when he wasn’t traveling. Eventually, Shore’s wife/ manager Mitzi was able to spot talented comedians and showcase them in the club.

The club began its life with a bang, or a giant crowd of laughter housing famous comedians like Jay Leno, Robin Williams, and Andy Kaufman.

Today, the club is known for its “paid regulars”. The list of regulars is endless and star-studded.

Bring your group to see just what paid regular you may find and laugh up a storm!

 Let’s go to the movies! TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX

As the phrase goes “TO VISIT LOS ANGELES AND NOT SEE THE CHINESE THEATRE IS LIKE VISITING CHINA AND NOT SEEING THE GREAT WALL”. This alone says a lot about the value the theatre holds in the city and when you get there you will see why.

Sid Grauman led the partnership that built the theatre and gave it the original name of Grauman’s Chinese theatre.

Raymond M. Kennedy did the Chinese architecture of the theatre, which is supposed to resemble a giant red Chinese Pagoda.

This Hollywood movie theatre opened in 1927. The theatre was so popular on its first opening night that riots broke out with people trying to catch a glimpse of the actors/ actresses that were in the premiere of King of Kings.

The name of the theatre has changed quite a few times and it is one of the most sought-after theatres in the United States.

Today, the theatre’s name is TCL Chinese Theatre, named after the company that owns it.

Whether you choose to take your group on one of the tours of this historic theatre or just want to view an up-and-coming film, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

Video and Arcade games lined up in a neon lighted room

Get competitive at Barcade Los Angeles

Maybe you and the gang are not feeling the historic vibes and just want to have a little fun.

Barcade is the original arcade bar, it’s been around for 15 years! You can bet your bottom dollar they know what they’re doing.

They hold a large collection of 1980’s pinball machines to reel in the nostalgia.

Not to worry, Pinball isn’t the only fun, they also have about 40 to 75 video games to choose from.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, there is also a full bar, which includes 25 to 30 craft beers.

Join in on the fun and bring out your inner gamer.

Live in color in The Art District

The city has many districts but one of its most popular is The Arts District.

Originally this area was a vineyard of oranges and grapefruit but turned into an industrial center for railroads and manufacturing in the 1800s.

The Arts District didn’t occupy artists until around the 1970s when people could no longer afford Venice or Hollywood. This, in turn, saved a huge part of the industrial industry.

 An activist by the name of Joel Bloom gave the neighborhood its official title of The Arts District to save the area.

The district currently holds abounding artists, green technology, and unique architecture.

Take your group around the area and bring out your inner artist.

Graffiti "Los Angeles" on a rustic and painted surface

Get in the mood for food at Grand Central Market

Eventually, your Los Angeles travel group will get hungry.

The city has many popular restaurants to choose from but the most unique and option-filled choice is LA’s, Grand Central Market.

 Here, there is no shortage of neon lights or food. This location is for people who like variety, and with a large crew, it might be necessary to have options.

The market itself was built in 1917 as the largest pacific coast market at that time. Today the market is a collection of historic immigrant communities with around 40 stalls to choose from.

Make sure to come hungry and dig into the appetizing fun that awaits.

Now that we’ve got your itinerary locked in, let’s talk transportation….

There are tons of ways to go about transporting a group of people around Los Angeles. But some are better than others.

Of course, you’ve got your Ubers and your Lyfts. Or, you can use Google maps to find bus and train routes, potentially shell out for individual cars to get everyone from place to place even.

But those tend not to be the most efficient or economical ways to transport a large group of people. If you’re traveling with more than 10 people, or you’re planning a week of activities for a large wedding party or work event, your best bet is to rent a minibus or private bus. This reduces stress for everyone involved, since individual people and families won’t have to worry about finding their way around LA and getting places on time. It also gives you the flexibility to plan out your preferred itinerary, and even make changes if you must.

LA is a Pick-your-adventure kind of destination, no matter which experience you choose to go down you and your group are going to have a great time.

Come and live out a golden state of mind!

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