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Livin’ La Vida Vegas: Las Vegas Group Travel

Las Vegas is known for easily accessible marriage certificates, Elvis Presley, and out-of-this-world burlesque shows, but did you know that Las Vegas has plenty of family-friendly activities too?

Here are the top 6 family-friendly Las Vegas activities for your group. Charter a bus with us for your Las Vegas trip as a cost-effective convenient way to get around.

 'Welcome to Fabulous Nevada' Sign is in front of a sunset and mountain and city

Las Vegas Theme Park: Circus Circus Adventure Dome

One of the biggest downfalls of any theme park can be walking around for hours in the heat, not to mention the little critters that come with that. At the Circus Circus Adventure Dome, all the rides are inside a cool air-conditioned space. You may wonder what kind of cool rides could be squeezed inside a closed space; you might be surprised to find that many amazing rides exist in this dome. The theme park has a main level and a coaster level fueled with rollercoasters, spinning ride carousels, and more. If you’re not a rides person, they also have laser tag, rock climbing, and an arcade! This theme park has all the fixings of a theme park and then some. Spend the day there having a blast!

See Some Vegas Fish: Shark Reef Aquarium

Many of us have been to an aquarium, but have you been to one inside a hotel? The Mandalay Bay Hotel has just that in store for you! Take about an hour of your day surrounded by swimming sea creatures. Amongst the popular sharks, there are also jellyfish and iguanas to keep you occupied. After seeing the beautiful sea creatures, you can fulfill your dream of riding a humpback whale, virtually at least. This aquarium has the option to take an undersea explorer VR theatre tour where all your underwater dreams can come true. This is a neat spot to go to in Las Vegas for families. Submerge yourself into aqua dreams with your family.

Eiffel tower in Las Vegas

A Las Vegas Childhood Classic: M&M’s World

M&M is a classic childhood candy that is still thriving to this day. There’s no question as to why but just in case, here’s a reminder of the colorful candied outer shell that you break into just to reach decadent milk chocolate underneath. Let’s face it, although every color tastes the same, we all have our favorite. This store has plenty to offer, the candy itself is of course everywhere in all its unique colors and what’s more, you can make your M&M design to take home with you! If you’re looking for some insta-worthy photos look no more, this store has M&M-themed cars, and even life-sized M&Ms to take photos with. Spend a day in chocolate paradise reminiscing with the family and bring a gift back home for those who couldn’t make it on the trip!

Las Vegas Large Group Activity: The High Roller Observation Wheel

Next on the list, we have an engineer’s dream and the second-tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Let’s talk about the structure of this baby. This ride’s spherical bearings weigh 19,400 lb. each alone and this bad boy cost Caesars Hotel around 550 million to make. The outside rim has a whopping 28 sections that sit at 56 feet each! Each pod can contain up to 50 people meaning the entire ride itself can fit up to 1,100 people. Needless to say, this thing is massive and can fit a pretty big family. For 30 minutes, you get a pretty significant view and an incredibly special moment with family and friends. This is a perfect Las Vegas activity because of the massive pods.

Las Vegas For The Children: Discovery Children’s Museum

Don’t be fooled by the name, this museum is for children but it’s also fun for adults. There are three stories of fun to be exact! Your kids might enjoy the 70 ft tower that has 12 levels and 3 floors where they can be challenged and climb or peer out into Las Vegas City. You could also take yourselves over to The Fantasy Festival where kids can explore their thespian side in a theatre theme. There is also an exhibit for the arts that takes you into a world similar to a Dr. Seuss book, this area is called Young at Art. There are many more exhibits to choose from! This museum is good for education and fun and will be sure to leave the kiddos exhausted.

canyon view in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nature In Las Vegas: The Springs Preserve

Las Vegas is known for doing it big and this even applies to its preserves. On the list of things to do in Las Vegas is The Springs Preserve, which is listed on The National Register of Historic Places and has been since 1978. It opened to the public in 2007.  This preserve has 180 acres and about 11 different activities to choose from. First up is their Origin Museum which has more than 75 exhibits and will educate you and your family on Las Vegas origins. If you prefer to be outside, then The Botanical Gardens await, this garden is the “Top 10 North American Gardens Worth Traveling For” at the Garden Tourism Awards. Go ahead and oh and aww at the lovely desert plants along your stroll. Coming in next is The Nevada Museum, if you thought Las Vegas was wild, just wait until you see what awaits in this museum of Nevada history. You can enjoy fossils, atomic explosions, or the glitz and glamour of the Vegas strip. Check out Boomtown, a replica of Las Vegas during the booming 1905s to the 1920s, enjoy the blast in the past and learn of all things booming! Go to Waterworks where you learn all about how the water of Las Vegas makes its way to its residents. Go to The Nature Exchange where young naturalists can trade natural items they found.  If you’re up for a walk hit up the Trails and Train rides exhibit, where you can go down 3.5 miles of trail. If you have younger children make sure to take them to the playground & splash pad, lastly be sure to check out the Desert-Sol Solar Powered home, this is a unique must-see before leaving the Preserve. Spend a day or even a whole week exploring what this preserve has to offer.

Getting Your Large Group Around Las Vegas:

Just like that, you have an entire list of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy and create special memories from.

You may ask yourself: how is the transportation in this area? There are your typical Ubers but the most convenient way to drive a family around Las Vegas is to rent a charter bus, it’s less hassle and more space.

Grab your family, you’re going to Vegas, baby!

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