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Lake Tahoe Group Travel: Create
Unforgettable Memories

 What’s the ultimate fun-packed adventure made for the outdoors and sunshine on your face, with a touch of wind-whipped hair? Visiting Lake Tahoe, where everywhere feels like summer camp.

 You go there to be with your family, your partner, or your friends and leave feeling as fresh as the Tahoe air.

 Worried about what to do? Sorry but worrying is canceled for the day, let Motor Coach West do all the hard work for you..

Best Things To Do In Lake Tahoe For Groups

Lake Tahoe, in California with mountains in the background

Lake Tahoe’s Best Ski Resort: Palisades Tahoe

 Get gnar atop the Palisades in Tahoe. Back in 1961, the Alpine Meadows opened on a lift called Chair One, and by 1965, six lifts were added and there were 2400 acres available for skiing. In 1974, Craig Beck made a film that made this little ski area more well-known. In 1984, there was even a rock punk-themed movie bringing an entirely new era to skiing. In 1991, this ski town went into full-blown music with a music festival. Fast forward to 2002, when construction started on Palisades and in 2011, the ski resort combined with Alpine sides meant the area to ski in was now 6,000 acres, the perfect amount of space for large groups. In 2017, the World Cup was hosted there (maybe we should have prefaced it with this). This is the best place for large groups to enjoy a winter wonderland together, and to hit the ground running or skiing. Head to the Palisades and impress people with your best ski tricks.

A skii slope in Lake Tahoe covered with snow and trees

Lake Tahoe Bleu Wave

 There’s nothing like being on the water, hanging out with your group and chatting about life. This boat gives you that liberty. The Lake Tahoe Bleu Wave boat can fill 50 people or more, so get the gang and then have them bring their gang. What do you do on said boat? For starters, the view! Sightseeing is a bonus. The area is perfect for seeing Eagle Falls, Vikingsholm castles, or even viewing the Sierra Mountains. Sometimes you don’t want to deal with the madness of mingling with strangers on your vacation. Well, Lake Tahoe Bleu Wave has a private boat for charter to make your experience as exclusive as possible. Check out the largest Alpine lake in North America while floating on top of it.

 Snowshoeing In Lake Tahoe

We know what you’re thinking, what the heck is snowshoeing? If you have to ask, you might have grown up in some pretty warm climates, and if that’s the case have you ever been hiking? If you have, then this is similar. You take nature trails around the land which can be guided or unguided, aka free, and if walking in snow is new to you, just think of the beach except this version of sand is thicker and your foot sinks into the ground where every step you have to yank in and out, this brings the actual shoe into play. These specialized shoes are made to help you walk above the snow as opposed to in it, which makes for a nice smooth journey in winter wonderland. This is the perfect activity for the whole family, so grab the kiddos and get trekking!

A bike stands on the sand of a beach with Palm Trees on a sunny day in California

Hiking On Lake Tahoe Trails

When it comes to actual trails not pertaining to snow, Lake Tahoe has quite a few. First on the list is the Rubicon Trail. This 16.4-mile trail involves a view of the alluring blue waters and coastal cliffs with waterfalls. Monkey Rock is another popular spot, don’t expect monkeys though, well not the real kind anyway. This hike is a short one and has an amazing view, not to mention the rock that the trail is named after is shaped like a monkey, try not to freak out if you see it behind some forestry.

 There’s Eagle Lake Trail, which is another spot for incredible views and a moderate hike. Along the way, you can see Granite mountains, just to make your hike a bit fancier. Lake Tahoe is full of trails, so many that we could write an entire blog about them, and probably should but for now those are our top choices, so go on and give them a once over.

Ride In A Boat With The Tahoe Adventure Company

 Be in the water, but closer than you would high up on a boat, and catch your reflection in the water. Row your way away from the other humans, ditch your entire group to be one with nature, and avoid the conflicts of your inner circle. Don’t let anyone, not even the tour guide tell you how far you can go. Well, maybe listen to the tour guide anyway. Speaking of tour guides, the Tahoe Adventure Company has highly skilled tour enthusiasts to show you around the lake, they’re there to guide but also to answer your lake-related questions. Grab your kayak and find the lake’s hidden secrets.

 Chartering A Bus In Lake Tahoe

Now that the agenda is sealed, what’s the game plan for getting around? Lacking ideas? You’re in good hands, or words for that matter. Motor Coach West has your back for easy luxurious transportation. You can request a quote for your charter bus here.

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