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Surf’s Up: Riding the Huntington
Beach Vibe With Our Top Destination Picks

Ten minutes away from Orange County is a gorgeous little beach spot that will have you singing Phantom Planet’s California until your ears fall off, we’re talking about Huntington Beach. It’s in the name and most people come for their beautiful beaches, but what else is there?

 We’ll tell you!

Things To Do In Huntington Beach

Multiple surfers ride a wave in the ocean in Huntington Beach California

Huntington Beach’s Vietnamese
Night Market

 The summer air whips the smells within the Asian Garden Mall walls around, smelling of food and seeping with culture! This is an Asian-themed masterpiece, with an authenticity that will make you feel like you’re somewhere else. What do you get when you’re there? Well, You have your toys, trinkets, clothes, and saving the best for last here, food! Appease those little taste buds and have the best vendors in the area at your
fingertips. Go to town and chow down, shop around, or tune into the sound. This spot has all the things and pulls on those heartstrings. Bring the whole gang and enjoy the experience together.

Huntington Beach’s Richard Nixon

 We know what you’re thinking, a museum dedicated to a former president with such a scandalous history exists, why would you go there?  Our point exactly! There’s an entire room dedicated to Watergate! If you love listening to true crime podcasts, think of this as that in real life with artifacts from the scandal itself. Additionally, the Richard Nixon Library has loads of information on the Vietnam War, bring your grandpa and compare facts.
Conclusively, the library holds information about the Cold War as well and includes descriptions with photos to give an in-depth view of the period. Take the trip over and learn all things Richard Nixon.

Huntington Beach’s Discovery Cube

 If you grew up as a science nerd, then this spot is for you, heck even if you didn’t, there’s enough fun for even our semi-enthused science fans. At Discovery Cube, there are six exhibits of interactive fun, designed to educate on physics, the ecosystem, and engineering. The Discovery Cube is a fun place for you and the kiddos to explore and learn. The experience and memories created within will last a lifetime. This is the place where science meets your dreams.

A view of sunset from the sandy shore on a beach in California

 Ninja Warrior Adventure Park In
Huntington Beach

We’ve all seen the show, or maybe we haven’t, with the giant obstacle courses built to show what survival of the fittest is really about. Like a modern-day gladiator, this spot was created to get you moving and jumping and competing, or if you’re not the competitive type just be a guy (or girl) trash-talking fitness in their spectator area. The Ninja Warrior Adventure Park isn’t just an adult playground, it’s an arena, where people fight to the death .. or at least until someone gets too tired to continue. What’s in store for you? Mazes, obstacle courses, lights, and music! This place screams fun, definitely a great location for family, friends, and even colleagues. See who’s the warrior of your group!

Moonlight Movies On Huntington
Beach’s Sands

 Ah the romance of a movie outside atop a blanket, with a picnic basket full of snacks and maybe even some sippy cups filled with mama juice (soccer mom style). Or just a great vibe for the family to enjoy the outdoors and screen time all in one sitting. All this dreamy action with a view of the ocean and unlike being in rough grass as most outdoor movies are, this one is on the soft sand, the perfect place to rest after a long day of exploring. If you’re hungry, there are local food trucks posted up to quell your cravings. Make sure to check out their website to see what’s
playing, or just go and get surprised!

Huntington Beach’s Sugar Shack

A view of a city street with lights and palm trees in California.

 Everyones gotta eat and breakfast is notably the most important meal of the day. The Sugar Shack Cafe has stood the test of time being a New Port staple since 1967, when husband and wife Pat and Mary Williams were taking a stroll through the neighborhood, caught a glimpse of a
“For Sale” sign, and had a light bulb moment. They could start a business to teach their kiddos the value of money and hard work. The cafe originally sat only 22 people all for indoor dining. In 1979, the Williams decided to sell their restaurant to their second born Michele Turner. The Sugar Shack Cafe has since grown so much that it expanded its seating to the outdoors. The residents of the area know Michele as a Mother Teresa of sorts and many have grown up eating breakfast at this local spot. Get that appetite working and feed your soul at Sugar Shack Cafe.

Huntington’s Old World Village

 This place will have you craving bratwurst and wearing clogs. The Old World Village brings you back in time to the cobblestone days of Austria and Germany. Take a gander around the cozy village that has existed since 1978. While you’re there, you will find painted murals, based on eighteen European cities, and local vendors. Prepare yourself for the most adorable race ever, which is run by weiner dogs. When you’re over the “cuteness”, check out the car shows or even the nativity plays. Whether you have some Germanic ancestry or just love their culture, the Old World Village
has something in store for you. 

Getting Your Group Around
Huntington Beach

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