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California National Parks: When Nature Calls, Go To California

Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Being outside allows you to get back to the basics, right where our ancestors started.

Nature can bring joy out of even the most gloomy day.

National parks are a great way to bond whether it be with family, friends, or coworkers. Taking an excursion around California’s most treasured areas of land will give any group of people a sense of synergy.

Get the crew together and take a field trip to the national parks of California.

Six National Parks To Visit In California

 waterfall in Yosemite National Park in California, USA.

We gathered our favorite six below:

Yosemite National Park

Not only is this a great valley, but it’s also known for its glaciers and granite, so you get to appreciate that texture outside of it being on a countertop!

This California national park is hoping that you’re a fan of waterfalls because the area has those too!

Make sure to invite as many people as you want on this adventure; there are around 1200 square miles to sprawl out in.

Yosemite valley is not only beautiful but it also has a deep history, it was a home for the Ahwahneechee for thousands of years. This was not the first tribe to exist in the area, however, they were there when the initial group of outsiders found them in the 1800s, and they even gave the California national park its name.

You can expect a large range of animals in the area. Some animals that are specific to Yosemite National Park are toads and the Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs.

The park has so much to offer and awaits your presence and good “natured” attitude.

Joshua Tree National Park

This California national park has certainly been popular in the last few years and when you get there, you’ll see why.

Locals refer to it as “where two deserts meet” and that’s because the Mojave and the Colorado desert come together here, bringing strong winds and occasional torrents of rain.

As with many other areas of land, Joshua Tree National Park also has a past.

In the 1930s, a woman by the name of Minerva Hoyt found a fondness for desert plants and spent a great deal of time and energy trying to protect the rapid removal of cacti and other plants. This eventually gained the protection of 825,000 acres and was named the Joshua Tree National Park in 1936.

The park today has 57 species of mammals and 46 species of reptiles.

Enjoy this national park field trip with nature and all it has to offer.

the sun sets around joshua tree national park, california

Death Valley National Park

Coming in at both the hottest and driest desert is Death Valley National Park, which is below the sea level basin.

 This California national park has a constant drought, paired with record heat allowing it to live up to its name.

Why come here if it sounds like literal hades?

Visiting this California national park is like walking on another planet, its uniqueness makes it a surreal experience for people all over.

What things can you expect in Death Valley National Park?

The park is home to animals like kangaroo rats and bighorn sheep that thankfully don’t need water to survive.

Death Valley National Park’s history is a bit of an old folks’ tale, it got its name in 1849 when a group of European Americans got trapped in the valley during their shortcut to find gold. The legend has it that one of the men perished in the scorching heat of the desert with his last words being “goodbye Death Valley” which is where the park’s name came about.

Despite the harsh weather, this national park gets plenty of tourists year-round.

The park has many landmarks to choose from, even a few unsuspecting creeks to cool off in. 

Gather your friends and appreciate a national park in California that’s out of this world!

Redwood Forest

Of course, this park is known for its lush redwood trees that tower over even the tallest of creatures, giving it a dreamlike landscape. However, the park also has an abundance of rivers, prairies, and coastline.

Redwood Forest is named after the species of sequoia that the Spanish Californians called “Palo Colorado”, which means “red tree” named because of its pink or reddish color.

The California national park is known for a few unique animals including California sea lions, giant green sea anemones, Roosevelt elk, and the very popular banana slug.

Whether you’re visiting the most popularly photographed Stout Grove or Fern Canyon the beauty on this national park field trip will surround you.

the sun shines through the trees in a redwood forest

Channel Islands National Park

Head out to the islands, or five islands to be precise.

The islands were deemed a national monument in 1938 and then later became a biosphere reserve in 1976.

The national park that we know today was named in the 1980s and made a park to protect wildlife marine, ecological, archeological, and cultural history.

As far as animals are concerned, the islands are home to the world’s largest congregation of blue whales, so you can knock that one off your bucket list.

One of the best things about this California national park is that it does not contain any venomous animals, which should ease any concerns you may have about potential danger.

Come and enjoy the mountainesque view and catch a little sea breeze.

 Sequoia & Kings Canyon

This national park is called “the land of giants”. Sequoia and Kings Canyon is the kind of place where even your tallest friend will feel pint-sized.

This California national park has canyons and caverns to enjoy, but what makes this the land of giants is that it has the world’s largest trees.

The trees are not the only thing the park is known for, this park also has an abundance of mountains so bring your climbing gear if you’re feeling adventurous.

This luxurious land of the forest is also equipped with rivers so pack that kayak!

Be one with the trees and branch out!

Traveling To These California National Parks

Make your way through California’s most alluring parks in leisure when renting a charter bus. Nobody needs the stress of driving on a peaceful day through the wilderness. A charter bus is a safe and efficient way to get to where you’re going with comfort and peace of mind.

Enjoy all mother nature has to offer while spending time with family and friends, while you’re at it make like a tree and “leave” to all of the parks of course!

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