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Best Portland Day Trips for Large Groups

Your beloved hometown of Portland, OR has plenty of attractions within the city limits. If you’re a local, you’ve probably already visited Washington Park and the Portland Art Museum more times than you can count.

So maybe it’s time to get away from the city for a few hours. If you’re in the mood for something new and you’re planning a group excursion, you have plenty of options to explore – and you can even be home in time for dinner.

Here are some of your best group day trip options (along with transportation recommendations!) near Portland, Oregon. All of these destinations are bound to be crowd-pleasers, and you’ll be able to find something for everyone in your group. 

A view of the Portland Oregon welcome sign during sunset.

Cannon Beach

Just an hour and a half beyond Portland is one of the hidden gems of Oregon: Cannon Beach.

You can easily spend a day walking the shoreline and taking in the breathtaking views. For brunch or happy hour, wander into the charming coastal town of Cannon Beach, where you’ll find restaurants, coffee shops, and plenty of mom-and-pop shops.

Can’t miss:

Plan to spend at least an hour or two in Ecola State Park to check out the local wildlife. When you’ve gotten enough sun, take a stroll through some of the many famed art galleries downtown.

Cannon Beach is an ideal day trip thanks to its relative proximity to Portland, and the wide variety of both outdoor and cultural activities you can try out.

How to get there:

At 90 minutes, if you’re going to Cannon Beach then you’ll probably want to make travel arrangements for your large group. That’s especially true if you’re traveling during a peak tourism time, when you can expect more traffic and potential delays.

A Portland–based charter bus rental is often the most convenient option for medium to large groups, since it allows you to select a pick-up location that works for everyone, customize your pick-up and drop-off times, and of course, let someone else handle the driving!

Explore carpooling to save time, rent a large van, or try a local, Portland bus rental company.

a view of Portland Oregon, with Mount Hood in the background

Mount Hood

Spending a day in Mount Hood is the perfect getaway for groups of all sizes. It offers a wide variety of attractions and epic views that will make it into everyone’s Instagram feed. There’s a reason why Mount Hood makes it onto so many travel sites.

Can’t miss:

Rent canoes to explore Trillium Lake or Estacada Lake for a unique water adventure that no one will forget. You can find safe, reputable boating options suitable for all ages.

You’ll also find plenty of hiking trails to satisfy even the most outdoorsy types in your group. 

How to get there:

At just under two hours, with traffic, you’ll definitely want to plan travel in advance for this day trip. Reserve a private bus, or plan to leave early so you can get plenty of time to take in the sites at Mount Hood. 

Biggs Junction

For a taste of small town America combined with beautiful scenery, take your group to Biggs Junction for the day. It has a much different vibe from Portland, so even though you may not be traveling far, you’ll still enjoy a respite from city life – which all of us need once in a while.

Can’t miss:

You’ll find beautiful Maryhill State Park as well as a local art museum in Biggs Junction, so you can satisfy those looking for some outdoor time, as well as anyone who appreciates history and culture.

How to get there:

Depending on weather and traffic, your drive to Biggs Junction could be up to two hours. If you’re traveling with 20 people or more, we definitely recommend booking a van or bus. Fortunately, you can schedule your transportation in advance and reserve a motor coach for groups as large as 60 people.

landscape and Rocks on oregon beach

Rockaway Beach

Can’t miss:

You’ll find beautiful Maryhill State Park as well as a local art museum in Biggs Junction, so you can satisfy those looking for some outdoor time, as well as anyone who appreciates history and culture.

How to get there

The scenic drive to Rockaway can take up to two hours if you’re leaving from Portland. There are public transportation options available, but that will set you back an extra hour. If you’re planning a getaway for a large group, then reserving a private bus is probably your best bet.

Start Planning Your Portland Day Trip

Whether you’re planning an outing for your extended family, rock climbing club, your department or even your whole company, you have plenty of options to get away from Portland for a day.

Make sure to start planning ahead of time, so you can offer your trip a few specific options for how to spend their day. (This also prompts you to make dining reservations in advance, and reserve your spot for any ticketed activities). The good news is, you’re likely to get discounts for large groups.

Be sure to consider your transportation options in advance, too. It’s important that you give yourself enough time to gather an accurate headcount and map out your day. We recommend booking with a transportation company that offers a variety of vehicle options, so whether you’re traveling as part of a convention, corporation, or a school, you’ll get the appropriate vehicle and driver for your day trip.

Get a quote for transportation today to start budgeting for travel, and then you can get to planning all the fun stuff. And most importantly, enjoy your day-long adventure outside of Portland!

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